legal name LUCAS JONAH SHOLTIS comic book alias Longshot birthday December 30, 1979 (34) birthplace northampton, massachusetts current residence boston, massachusetts previous profession Sergeant First Class, United States Army current profession Private Investigator marital status Single scars Star shaped scar on his right cheek.
biography facts
  • Born in Northampton, Massachusetts, Lucas Sholtis was an only child born to two athletes. His mom was a college basketball coach and his father was an army vetren who ended up coaching college football. It was only a matter of time before Lucas got into sports himself, and he did exactly that. He excelled at football and ended up winning a schollarship to Boston College, but decided on going into the army instead.

  • When Lucas joined the Army, it was about defending his country and becoming someone larger than himself. He wanted to protect and serve, he wanted to be on the front lines, he wanted to prove that he could be more than just a punk kid from Massachusetts who had almost everything handed to him. While in the army, he very quickly moved up his ranks, and soon became a commanding officer, and had a few people under him. He met one particular soilder that he ended up taking a shining to, and she seemed to take one to him as well. When they were on leave, the two of them ended up falling in love, and from there, kept their relationship a secret. But by the time their third tour came around, he asked Alison to marry him, and she had accepted.

  • Lucas went through two tours of Iraq and one of Afganistan, and when he was discharged from Afganistan, he was put on special assignment. He was to go undercover, remaining in Afganistan, to get highly classified information - only he ended up getting captured. The Army listed Lucas as missing in action, and most of those close to him thought he was dead, including his fiancee Alison. In reality, the Army was doing everything they could to get Lucas out; he was held hostage, beaten, and it wasn't until a covert mission was able to rescue him, Lucas never thought he'd see home again.

  • While Lucas was in captivity for four years, the one thought that kept him going was that his fiancee was out there somewhere, and that idea kept him alive. It kept him fighting. When he was rescued by the Army covert ops, it was the thought of Alison that forced him into rehabilitation to make sure he was the man she could remember, that he was the man she could be proud of, despite his own personal misgivings.

  • When he returned, there was no hero's welcome, because he didn't want it. He just wanted to try to get back to his old life, but the more he tried, the harder it got. His old life involved going back to Northhampton, but while he was in captivity, both of his parents were killed in a car accident. So home did not exist anymore. There was really no where for Lucas to turn, and he felt he wasn't ready to see the woman that he loved, so instead of facing her like a man, he fled like a coward.

  • So instead of going to Boston where he had heard Alison was, he went to New York, where he could be close to Massachusetts and far away from it at the same time. No longer working for the Army, he took up residence in Manhattan and managed to get a job at a private investigator firm. Lucas spent two years working there, before he felt something pulling him back to Massachusetts and directly to Boston. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he needed to go.

  • He ended up back in Boston on October 1, 2014, and opened up his own private investigation firm. He managed to set things up from New York before moving out there, and thanks to his firm being partnership with the Boston Police Department, and due to the money he made in Manhattan, Lucas was able to secure a reasonable location and a reasonable apartment to live in.

  • He hasn't been in Boston for long, and has mostly kept to himself, trying his best to not get himself into trouble (outside of his own work), and is attending therapy to help cope with his PTSD. He's hoping that things will look up, and his life will hopefully go back to the way things were, but after most of the people in his life thinking he had been dead for six years, well he has a lot of lost time to make up for.

  • Has a relationship/past relationship with Dazzler.

  • Is extremely lucky; he should not have survived being in captivity for as long as he had, but managed to do so by simply beliving he would get out.

  • Above average physical endurance and agility.

  • Considers himself good at reading other people.

  • Has a star shaped scar on his left cheek, a wound from being in the war. (Longshot has the scar over his left eye).

  • Skilled with knives, swords, and all sorts of blades.

  • Relatively good reflexes.

    played by chris hemsworth • longshots @ lineart • EST timezone, 18+ writer • original codingedits.